R.E.A.L. Manhood 101

Empowering young males to become REAL men by teaching them how to reject passivity, expect the greater reward, accept responsibility and lead courageously.


About the Leadership Summit

The RM101 Leadership Summit and College Day is an event to empower young males to be REAL men by exposing them to an environment where they are surrounded by men who excel in life, family, business and beyond.

THE GOAL is to bring awareness to males on what it means to be a R.E.A.L. man and empower them to:

  1. Reject passivity
  2. Expect the greater reward
  3. Accept responsibility
  4. Lead courageously

We will build our families, communities, and nation one REAL man at a time. This 1-day event is packed with a keynote presentation, powerful panel discussion, breakout sessions, live comedy and concert and more.

When: Friday June 1, 2018

Where: Sac State University in Shasta Hall


This year’s leadership summit is packed with a keynote presentation, LIVE entertainment, activation station workshops, business/brand expo, college exposure, a powerful panel discussion called “Shop Talk”, free food, giveaways and more.


  • Keynote Presentation
  • "Shop Talk" Panel Discussion
  • Live Entertainment
  • Activation Station Workshops
  • Business/Brand Expo
  • College Exposure
  • Free Food and Giveaways

Takeaways For Young Males

The individuals who benefit most from this leadership summit and college day are young males middle school age and above who need a real example of what being a real man looks like. Since many of our young males do not have that example, RM101 seeks to bridge the gap between the needs of today’s youth and the exemplification of R.E.A.L. manhood.

After attending, young males will have:

  • Opportunities for mentorship
  • New and strengthened relationships with their peers
  • New perspective on life and possibilities
  • An understanding of what it means to be a REAL man
  • Self-awareness and confidence

Investing in Today’s Young Males

Schools, communities and cities are encouraged to attend this leadership summit to present a unified front for the young males who will be in attendance. Instead of young males being surrounded by gangs, malicious activity and drugs, they are a part of a positive environment where they’re surrounded by men who care and are willing to invest in their future.

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