Celebrate Manhood Awareness Month June 2020

The purpose of Manhood Awareness Month is to highlight the need and importance of manhood in today’s society. Get involved with daily social media challenges.

Today's Manhood Awareness Challenge

Forgiveness Day

Forgiveness is not just freeing for the forgiven, but it is also freeing for the forgiver. Find someone who has done you wrong and forgive them. Make a video sharing the name of the person you forgave and how it made you feel afterwards. Then post it to your social media sites (Facebook, IG, Twitter, etc) with the hashtag #ManhoodAwarenessMonth.

About Our Organization and Annual Summit

THE GOAL of our organization is to bring awareness to males on what it means to be a R.E.A.L. man and empower them to: Reject passivity Expect the greater reward Accept responsibility and Lead courageously.

The RM101 Leadership Summit and College Day is an annual event to empower young males to be REAL men by exposing them to an environment where they are surrounded by men who excel in life, family, business and beyond.

We will build our families, communities, and nation one REAL man at a time. This 1-day experience is packed with a keynote presentation, workshops, college exposure, roundtable discussion, LIVE entertainment, business/brand expo, free food, giveaways and more.

Watch the 2020 digital summit below.

5th Annual Youth Leadership Summit "The Digital Experience" (2020)

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