Manhood Awareness Month Daily Challenges

Affirmation Day

We all need to be affirmed at some point. Ask 15-20 people to describe you in only ONE word. Post the words that they used to describe you on your social media outlets. Then make sure you hashtag #ManhoodAwarenessMonth

Conquer Your Fear Day

Don’t let False Evidence Appearing Real (aka FEAR) keep you from being the best you that you can be. Today is your day to do that ONE thing that you’ve been fearful of doing. Once you conquer it, share your story on social media. Make sure you hashtag #ManhoodAwarenessMonth

Biggest Fan Day

We all have an idea of what it means to be a fan of a sports team, entertainer and/or celebrity. Today is your day to identify your 3 biggest fans. Share on social media the names of the 3 people that cheer for you the most when you succeed and have your back the most when you fall short. Then make sure to hashtag #ManhoodAwarenessMonth.

Memorable Moment Day

Moments create memories. Post on social media about your most memorable moment in the past 365 days. Then make sure you hashtag #ManhoodAwarenessMonth.

Advice to Younger Self Day

Great advice can go a long way. If you could, what would you say to the younger you? Create a video of you giving advice to your younger self. Then post it on your social media outlets and use the hashtag #ManhoodAwarenessMonth when you post it.

Keep It 100 Day

Honesty is key. Give your perfect effort towards being 100% honest today…with yourself and others. Then share what you learned via social media. Make sure you hashtag #ManhoodAwarenessMonth when you post it.

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