REAL Manhood 101 Conference

Dwight Taylor, Sr. presents the REAL Manhood 101 Conference. The conference will take place on June 4, 2016 at California State University, Sacramento in Capistrano Hall 142A(Music Recital Hall). This high-energy, interactive conference will take males through empowering explorations of how having a “REAL” man mindset can positively impact their lives and the lives of others. By Rejecting passivity, Expecting the greater reward, Accepting responsibility, and Leading courageously, we can build our families, communities, and nation one REAL man at a time.

At this conference you’ll meet and network with males of different backgrounds who are hungry for fulfilling their call as REAL men.

RM101 will feature activities designed to make you more aware of your uniqueness and become even more vital to your sphere of influence.

As a participant, you will walk away with specific action steps you can take to create an immediate impact in your home, school, community and world.

Manhood Awareness Month

Manhood Awareness Month will take place in June of each year, beginning in 2016. The mission of Manhood Awareness Month is to highlight the importance and need of REAL manhood in today’s society. Each day of the month will have a CHALLENGE associated with it. Males of all ages will be able to participate in the daily CHALLENGE and should capture their ACTION STEPS via video/picture as a reminder to remember AND to share with other males throughout the world that are participating in the CHALLENGE. As you share your ACTION STEPS through social media, text and email, make sure you use the hashtag

#ManhoodAwarenessMonth. This will create UNITY and a sense of ACCOUNTABILITY, which will help build a COMMUNITY of REAL men. Empowering males to become better men for their families, communities and nation is the heart behind each CHALLENGE. As the pioneer of Manhood Awareness Month, Dwight Taylor, Sr. yearns to bring authentic manhood to the forefront of the culture.