"Young King Award" Nomination

Voting and Final Submission:

  • After nominations close, public voting will open to shortlist the top 10 candidates.

  • The final 10 nominees will then be asked to submit either a video (up to 3 minutes) or a written piece (up to 500 words) detailing how they contribute to the betterment of their surroundings.

Award Criteria:

  • Impact: The extent of the nominee’s positive influence in their community or beyond.

  • Leadership: Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire others.

  • Alignment with R.E.A.L. man values: How well they embody the qualities of Rejecting passivity, Expecting a greater reward, Accepting responsibility, and Leading courageously.

Award Announcement:

The winner of the “Young King Award” will be announced at the R.E.A.L. Manhood 101 Youth Leadership Summit & College Day on April 12, 2024 at Sac State. They will receive special recognition and a token of our appreciation for their outstanding contributions.

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